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Business design SaaS

A project that develops and maintains a back-office business design platform.
The main features of the platform are as follows.
・Allowing users to define processes of work such as joining and leaving the company by diagrams.
・Creating templates for each process
・Organization members and authority management.
・Task management, chat function for tasks

Scale: 7 people/month Process: Specification review Manufacturing ReactJS Nextjs AppSync Amplify OpenSearch Agile development
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Travel SNS system

A project to develop a new web/application system for travel/tourist destination advertising.
The main features are as follows.
・Introducing tourist destinations, hotels, and spots
・Introducing tourism-related events
・Comment/Rating/Share functions

Scale: 70 man-months Process: Architecture Basic design Manufacturing Laravel 8 RestAPI VueJS VueMapbox Flutter AWS
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Sales management system

A project to develop the foundation of each new system into Microservices architecture for the renewal of the customer's sales management system.
Rather than simply dividing a large system, we created a foundation for a highly stable and maintainable system by applying design patterns for various microservices issues.

Scale: 21 man-months Process: Architecture Infrastructure design Implementation Springboot Flutter DAPR VueJS Kafka Kubernetes Firebase Aurora
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Attendance management system

A project to develop a year-end tax adjustment module for time management and payroll systems.
This module provides the ability for workers to declare various tax-exempt expenses, including spousal deductions, insurance premium deductions, housing assistance, etc.
It can also calculate the amount of tax that must be paid or received in addition to the worker's taxable income, which based on the worker's declaration and salary information.

Scale: 50 man-months Process: Detailed design Manufacturing PHP Laravel LaravelSnapy MySQL RestAPI VueJS